Ireland team to travel to the International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports (IWAS) games on in Portugal on the 30th November 2017.

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The Springhill court hotel in Kilkenny was host to IWA-Sport Athletic Grand Prix awards.

Rebel Wheelers was again this year was well represented and took away some major awards.

Cian O’Neill

1st in Discus grade2
2nd in Shot grade 2
3rd in Javelin grade 2
Grand Prix athlete of the year

Cathal Ryan

2nd in Discus grade 1
2nd in Javelin grade 2
Young Male Athlete of the year
3rd Grand Prix athlete
2 Irish records

Aisling O’Regan

1st in Discus grade 3

Dale O’Sullivan

2nd in Shot grade 3

Stephen Bradley

1st in Javelin grade 3
3rd in Discus grade 3

Dylan McCarthy

3rd in Javelin grade 3
Milestone award for achieving 21:63 metres in the discus after the first season as a seated athlete

As well as the Athletes themselves we would like to thank their parents for years of driving them around the country.

Also a special comment regarding the coaches, John McCarthy and Jean O’Sullivan who have dedicated a huge amount of time to our children. It must be noted that both are volunteers and we thank you for all your hard work.