Other Activities

Ice Skating

Over the past four years, we have visited Cork On Ice. Located in Mahon Point its been a fantastic experience for everyone involved. It has shown that this is no obstacles when we work together. The team at Cool Running were excited and Bill has become a great supporter of the club. Last year we have over 100 members, siblings parents, and guardians on the ice. Looking forward to next year. 

Hand Cycling

Handcycling and cycling is a new sport to the club. We can provide equipment for members to participate. As part of Bike week we have taken part in the DE CARRIG TOUR organized by Carrigdhoun Cycling Club and Carrigaline Rugby Club.


A developing sport and we have members take part in training. We do need support here from Boccia Ireland and we are looking to build our relationship and further improve the sport here in Cork



This shows the wide flavor of activities we run in the club. Fergal a local musician has visited us a number of times. We are always open to new and exciting ways for our member express themselves while having fun.